May - October, 2020


May - October, 2020

How it Works

This deep dive into the Bowspring method will TRANSFORM your body & mind.

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Expect a before & an after as your movement patterns reprogram and your awareness shifts through your mind-body-heart connection. 

Learn from one the world's most experienced Bowspring practitioners and Certified Global Bowspring Teacher. This in depth study course is designed for yoga teachers, athletes, healers, dancers, body workers, office dwellers, breathers, movers and shakers - any body who wishes to deepen their body-mind-heart connection and create more heart coherence, deepen their Bowspring knowledge and / or wants to heal and restructure their posture.

The ultimate goal of this immersion is to reprogram unbalanced movement patterns resulting in chronic pains and aches disappearing, restoring a sense of lightness and agility, creating a solid foundation to continue your studentship.

Benefits for the Body

  • Lightness
  • Dynamism
  • Vitality & Agility
  • Radiant Health
  • Chronic lower back, hips, shoulder and neck pains disappear
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Positive shifts for hormonal balance
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Tapering waist & Weight loss

Benefits for the Mind

  • Self-knowing
  • Mind opening
  • Reprograms the auto-pilot of the central nervous system
  • Increased ability to Focus
  • Develop & Strengthen Positive Mindset
  • Balance Psycho-emotional energy
  • Stress Reduction

Benefits for the Heart

  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Inspiration
  • Authenticity
  • Increased Will Power
  • Gratitude
  • Emotional Intelligence

Expect changes on deep levels as we dive into the intricacies of the Bowspring method supported by nature’s elements. Designed as a detailed introduction to the method for new practitioners and satisfy practitioners on the road to certification, this course includes the method's latest refinements, where experienced practitioners will learn a wealth of detail and how to successfully transmit this simple yet complex system in a skilful way.

Throughout these 4 x 25 hr modules, practitioners will gain first hand knowledge of the Bowspring algorithm through practice and application. An in-depth road map through the Bowpsring's 5 syb-systems, 5 E’s, 10 key areas, Elemental syllabus, Seed Kata, Level 1 syllabus, Roots Kata, introduction to Level 2 syllabus and basic therapeutics.

The Immersion comes with a training manual. 75% of training hours are practical, 25% theory including practical applications, partner work, practice teach, sharing, examples etc.

This 100 hr immersion is designed to offer students a firm foundation and understanding of the Bowspring method. Throughout the process, expect to transform your body mechanics and your understanding of therapeutic movement. Chronic aches and pains disappear through the activation of your back body and reprogramming of your unconscious movement patterns.

Mix and match modules or attend all 4 for best results. Modules start Thursday 10 am and end Sunday 5 pm. Prices are for training hours only and do not include accommodation or food at Casa del Karma. Special rates for accommodation + food are available from 85€ / day.

Immersions are limited to 15 participants to ensure high level of quality and personal attention. Deep House Bowspring with live DJ on a Friday evening is included and complimentary. Walks, cold training & Wim Hof inspired breathing are optional free additions to the program.

Meditation at the Mother Tree for opening and closing circles of each module. 1 group outing in Ibiza per module.

Module 1 - Establish & Engage - Fire & Air

Thurs 14 – Sun 17 May 2020
10 am – 1 pm & 3 pm – 6.15 pm (25 hrs)

Learn how to shift your awareness into your tissues dropping out of the mind into embodied presence as you turn your body suit on.

– Introduction to the Bowspring method
– What is Stress?
– What is fascia?
– What is Tensegrity?
– Establish your Central Channel & Radiant Heart
– Engage your Wings and learn to push out
– 3 Spheres of the Body
– Introduction to the Seed Kata
– 5 sub-systems of the algorythm
– Working with the Element of Fire, light & Awareness


This module creates the basis of the practice focussing on the 1st and 2nd Sub-systems. Small details that build up to make a big difference. Even the most experienced Bowspring students are guaranteed to learn refinements and open their minds to new possibilities creating a steady and firm foundation for the rest of the course.

Module 2 - Engage & Extend - Earth & Water

Thurs 11 – Sun 14 June 2020
10 am – 1 pm & 3 pm – 6.15 pm (25 hrs)

During this module we look in detail at the actions of the ‘Wings & Roots’ sub-systems, learning to push and reach out into space, at the same time as we Dig & Drag deeply into the earth engaging our limbs and creating balanced actions.

– 10 key areas
– Introduction to the Bowspring philosophy: Compassion, Mindfulness and Accountability
– Introduction to Level 1 katas 
- Creating Uniform Tone 
- Fascial Directionality
– Dig-Drag in detail
– Activating the Inner Seams of the Wings & Roots
– Dynamic Spring
– What are you reaching out into?
– What are your values, digging deep?
– Introduction to the 4th sub-system: the spools

Module 3 - Extend & Elevate - Water & Ether

Thurs 17 – Sun 20 Sept 2020
10 am – 1 pm & 3 pm – 6.15 pm (25 hrs)

Focusing on the support ‘Establishing & Engaging’ allow us to feel & open the belly and the neck safely. In this module we will dive into the detailed alignment of the 4th sub-system of the ‘the Spools’.

– Double S Shape of the Spine
– Bow / Arc
– Crown Coil
– Mounds & Hollows
– Pulsation
– Fascial lines in the Bowspring
– Tendencies & Resistance
– Introduction to the Roots sequence
– The Art of Feeling & Processing emotions

Module 4 Elevate & Evolve - Ether & Vibration

Thurs 15 – Sun 18 Oct 2020
10 am – 1 pm & 3 pm – 6.15 pm (25 hrs)

Recap first 3 modules integrating details, 
Bowspring ABC’s, 
The breath in the Bowspring, 
Making Conscious Shapes, Relationships of the Body in the Bowspring
, Sacred Geometry, Incorporated Sacred Geometry 
Karma (Cause & Affect). Quantum physics, 
The evolved human being, Global Bowspring Community & Interconnectedness,Dharma 
Tantric philosophy, non-duality 
Embodied presence.

– Sri Daiva Lifestyle
– Responsibility
– Meditation
– Power of thought & Mindfulness

– Tone to the Bone & Bone to the Tone
– Bow / Arc / Bow / Twist
– Yin & Yang qualities in the Bowspring
– Healing touch
– Therapeutic Application
– Introduction to Level 2 syllabus
– Frequency & Vibration

Your Investment

1 module, 25 hrs training = 444€
2 modules, 50 hrs training = 888€
3 modules, 75 hrs training = 1332€
4 modules, 100 hrs training = 1550€

Consider this investment a life changing, empowering journey into understanding how to heal yourself, integrate your shadow, create sustainable movement patterns, help others around you and commit to your health and evolution as a conscious steward of your body and of this planet.*Training hours do not count towards certification, however embodying the practice will show in your practice which counts for certification.

To see full details on certification process visit

MODULE 4 can only be attended by those who have completed the first 3 modules OR have a minimum of 1 year Bowspring practice with a Certified / Dedicated Bowspring teacher, mentor or the creators of the method.

Module 1: 25 hrs – Thurs 9 – Sun 12 April
Module 2: 25 hrs – Thurs 14 – Sun 17 May
Module 3: 25 hrs – Thurs 11 – Sun 14 June
Module 4: 25 hrs – Thurs 17 – Sun 20 Sept

*Modules start Thursday 10 am and end Sunday 5 pm.

Car pooling from the airport is encouraged. Taxi is 40€, very cheap car rentals available (work out cheaper than taxi). Ask for more details. 

During warmer month, camping on the grounds and use of outdoor showers is complimentary.

All modules are held at Casa del Karma, San Miguel, Ibiza

Booking: 50% payment to confirm your spot, 50% balance upon arrival 
*Payment plans available
*Deposit refundable up to 8 weeks prior to start date or if space filled -10% admin fee
Payment: Paypal / Revolut / La Caixa / Lloyds TSB

Prices are for training hours only and do not include accommodation or food at Casa del Karma.

Special rates for accommodation + 2 wholesome meals and 1 snack available from 85€ / day sharing.