Saskia traveled to Argentina in 2017 after a year of deep study and work at the home of the Bowspring in Denver, Colorado. She introduced the method in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Patagonia and Cordoba teaching introductory workshops and classes. Mar del Plata showed strong interest with a fast growing community of dedicated students where Saskia taught a 100 hr immersion in 2018, teaching teachers about the basics of the method. 6 of these 8 teachers have continued to study and deepen their knowledge of the Bowspring and are now teaching and spreading the message far and wide. There are now hundreds of Bowspring practitioners in Argentina showing great interest and dedication in changing their body shape and functionality.
The University of Mar del Plata has taken great interest and are running the 1st official case studies of the Bowspring collecting biological and psychological metrics.  Results are expected in 2020.
Saskia filmed an introductory course to the Bowspring method in Spanish, first 2 classes are free, rest by donation, available on the following link: https://www.relajemos.com/clases-online/introduccion-a-bowspring/

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Saskia Griffiths

What Our Students Are Saying

If I could, I would come back immediately. You impressed me by your large knowledge about different yoga styles and techniques. The most impressive was probably the pranayama we did in the morning session. You prepared every lesson so well for us and were so consistent and conceptional. The days were perfectly framed. Thank you very much for sharing your food knowledge with us. I appreciated also the noble silence in the mornings and the peace it brought.

Franziska BoshardSwitzerland

The most amazing experience of my life. Bar my son. Saskia you are truly awesome! I cannot put into words how I feel as a result of my 5 days with you. All I can say... is that I love you! Especially for enlightening me in a way I didn't believe possible, yet I achieved it. Your retreat is second to none. You have given me peace, I felt I was there already but I was wrong until today. Your god given gift is your vocation.

Barbara HodgeMallorca

My first yoga class ever was with you and my first series of classes afterwards. After every class I felt stronger, calmer, had more balance in life and not simply physical ability. Even as an athlete, I found a new appreciation for movement and have continued my practice ever since.

Stefan GrecuCanada
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