December Bender


Are you up for a different kind of bender this December?

Join me upping our game in the areas of physical, emotional and mental well-being.

I’ve designed this powerful 4 week online program to cultivate and integrate transformational practices and maximise your health & vibrancy: let’s end 2020 in top form!

The physical practices leave you with a sense of balanced awareness, the result of Bowspring Yoga is ‘Tensegrity’ (tension with integrity) where all parts of your body work in harmonious 3D tone where not one muscle or muscle group is overworking. Feel physically energised, mentally centred and emotionally balanced as the practice helps still your mind, shift chronic holding patterns and allow energy to flow freely throughout your whole being.

Online classes are recorded on Zoom, if you cannot attend the live sessions, links will be sent for later viewing (downloads available for all time access).