In 10 sessions we will explore the algorithm in detail, going through each of the 10 key areas of the Body:

0 – Central Channel
1 – Heart
2 – Hands
3 – Arms
4 – Shoulders
5 – Feet
6 – Legs
7 – Hips
8 – Belly
9 – Neck
10 – Head

This in depth exploration of the method gives you a detailed feeling and understanding of how to apply the Bowspring method in any given situation. This detailed pathway into balanced action through an even tone of your tissues throughout offers you insight of your unconscious movement patterns. As you become aware of your unconscious movement patterns, parts that were not participating will awaken, and parts of your body that take all the strain and stress, will start to relax. This physical look deeper into yourself and how you operate in the world gives an opportunity to bring thought, action and emotion into harmony. The Bowspring algorithm is designed as a fractal, meaning that every time you go through the algorythm (if your mind is open) you will learn new things about yourself. The more you know yourself, the more empowered you become to shift your ways and chose an optimal direction for your evolution on your journey.