The only hope for human kind is the transformation of the individual.

5 x 2 hr transformational journey through your body – mind & heart over 2 weeks from the next new moon to the full moon; grow your awareness, bring light to and integrate your shadows transforming them into super powers.
a pathway to creating embodied presence through tensegrity (tension with integrity), traveling with our mind into our body’s tissues, creating new brain-body pathways, increasing spacial awareness and awakening our body’s innate wisdom to move naturally and pain free. Bowspring is based on creating an even tone of our ‘fascial bodysuit’ – learn more about fascia here:
– Wim Hof inspired power breathing to increase oxygen levels and strengthen your immune system,
– Turtle breathing: to reduce stress levels,
– Taoist breath: Microcosmic breath recognizing our wholeness and connection to the whole.
Life is as we believe it to be, we are as we believe to be. Techniques to open to the mystery of the unknown.
I will share some ideas and suggestions to grow healthy self loving habits.

Fri 22 May 6 - 8 pm CET (New Moon)

Ignite the FIRE of THE HEART:
Opening & Intention setting
Expansion of the ribcage
Setting the tone for the entire series, this is the most important and powerful session. Your ribcage will grow in width and you will feel how to fill and lift your heart. Observational tools noticing if thoughts, words and actions come from the fullness of our heart. Self love practices to integrate over the course of the workshops. I'm also really excited to share my gratitude practice for the first time - I can't wait to see what it does for you!!

Mon 25 May 6 - 8 pm CET

Pushing out into the AIR with THE WINGS:
Activate your wings (hands, arms and shoulders)
Find your push
Develop your touch
Open the energy from the heart into the world

Thurs 28 May 6 - 8 pm CET

Digging deep into the EARTH through THE ROOTS:
Sensitize and strengthen your connection to the Earth through your feet, legs and hips
Where do you come from? What do you dig into?
Open your Pelvic Floor
Activate the posterior chain
Glutes on the rise
Trust your feet

Tues 2 June 6 - 8 pm CET

Feeling into the WATER of THE PULSE:
Every living cell pulses like breath, waves and heartbeats, in and out, evolving from the center to the edge
Opening our bellies and necks
Feeling and Expressing

Fri 5 June 6 - 8 pm CET (Full Moon)

Closing ceremony
Moving into the Mystery & Magic

*No previous experience required. No equipment necessary other than Zoom. All bodies, ages and abilities WELCOME. Open to trusting the process and whatever comes up.

Prepare to

move and feel things you have never moved, seen or felt before.



for your posture and your choices feeling EMPOWERED to participate in the direction of your life



as you grow self awareness, self forgiveness, self love, self acceptance, you will naturally soften towards others for your compassionate understanding and feeling of the human experience.



as you start to pay attention to how you perform the smallest of actions with full awareness of your body.

How to Take Part

All 5 sessions / 10 hours – 111€

These sessions will not be recorded for later viewing
IN ENGLISH ONLY (available soon in Spanish)

Prepare to

Move And Feel Things You Have Never Moved, Seen Or Felt Before.