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"Change starts from Within"

Whether you’re in need of rest, inspiration or a reset and boost – this retreat will do just that and more! It’s no secret that there’s something mystical and powerful about being in Ibiza. Added to this, the intentions, practices and actions we’ll cultivate over the week make this the turning point you’ve been looking for and your body has been craving!

The traditional finca ‘Casa del Karma’ will embrace you with a homely hug, immersed in typical Ibizan country-side, surrounded by farms and groves. Early in the morning, we’ll stroll down to the ‘mother tree’ the largest tree of the Balearic isles, to sit in silence, ground and welcome the sun as it rises over the hills.

We’ll be nourished with a delicious, cleansing, healthy, local (organic where possible) and anti-inflammatory diet. We’ll enjoy practice twice a day, hike along the coastline, forests, explore some of Ibiza’s magic together, connect with like minded people and have plenty of time for contemplation.

  • Cleansing Diet

  • Rest

  • Meditate

  • Contemplate

  • Walk

  • Connect

  • Stretch

  • Strengthen

  • Deep Breaths

  • Read a book

  • Get to know Ibiza

  • Space and support to make all the changes you’ve been wanting to make and know will feel great!!

A day on the retreat looks something like:


7.30 am   –   Sunrise Meditation at the Mother Tree
8.00 am   –   Realine / Bowspring Yoga & Breathwork under the carob tree
10.00  am –  Delicious Breakfast
11.00 am  –  Hike along breathtaking coastline
14.00 pm   –  Lunch Salad Buffet

Free time for a siesta in a hammock, stroll around the countryside, have some quiet you time

17.00 pm  –  Swim in the Sea
18.00 pm  –  ‘Connection, Partner Yoga on the Beach’
19.30 pm  –  Light Dinner
21.00 pm  –  Noble Silence
22.00 pm –  Lights Out

*activities are optional

‘REALINE’ combines over 13 years of study in yoga, Bowspring, massage and meditation with the latest findings in fascia (connective tissue) and tensegrity. The practice teaches natural spinal alignment, encourages agile movements and results in balanced, pain-free, joyful embodiment. You’ll notice physical, mental and emotional benefits as your body moves more naturally, your focus becomes embodied and embodiment becomes more joyful. During the retreat you’ll learn the basic shapes and transitions to take your practice with you and integrate a healthy posture into your daily life. Bands, weights and massage balls are included in the practice for extra awakening of parts forgotten or asleep. You’ll leave with a renewed sense of self and with tools and practices to continue at home. Practices will lead us on a progressive journey of activation through different parts of the body, towards a sense of full embodiment where all parts work in harmony, reaching a ‘Shining body & soul’.

MEALS are primarily local, organic where possible, anti-inflammatory and vegetarian. For those who eat eggs, we serve our own farm eggs by our 9 happy resident chickens. Some of our home-grown produce will be also be served. Breakfast and lunches will be our main meals with a light dinner at the end of the day.

We’ll include a demo on how to make the infamous ‘Life Changing Loaf of Bread’

Midweek you’ll have a WHOLE DAY REST with optional morning meditation, practice and breakfast. The rest of the day is ALL YOURS to do exactly as you please! Dani will offer an optional day trip to Formentera for anybody who would like to join (there is an additional charge for this), or you may choose to take a full advantage for a full day silence and maybe even try fasting for the day! It’s up to you.

LOCAL SIGHTSEEING most days (weather dependent) include visiting beaches, local markets or an adventure to the other side of the island to watch the sunset at magical Es Vedra.

provides the space for insight. It’s harder for insight and ‘AHA’s to happen when we are engaged with others, listening and talking. This is a time for you. It is highly encouraged to disconnect from work emails, phone calls and messages as much as possible. Please do not use this as a work retreat. This is Rest & Recharge retreat. Minimise input and maximise presence. Casa del Karma is a space for rest and retreat in a peaceful surrounding.


Get to know a different side of the magical island

Known to many for its nightlife, Ibiza holds equal presence for its healing super powers. You'll get to know the different side of the island, experience the peace of breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, feel the calm connection as you connect to nature, experience an authentic countryside lifestyle in a beautiful neighbourhood of the North of Ibiza.

Everyone's favorite


There's something quite special about being cooked for all week, and even more so when it's lovingly prepared with fresh, nutritious and cleansing ingredients (local & organic where possible). After just 2-3 days, you'll start to notice changes in your body. Diet is a primary cause for disease and illness. By boosting your system with healthy, fresh meals, you'll leave feeling not only re-energized but also re-inspired with new ideas and a desire to keep looking after yourself. Our hope is that you take many ideas from this retreat to integrate into your lifestyle.

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Casa del Karma

Your Home for the Week

Your home from home, this traditional Ibicenco farm, surrounded by palm trees, almond, carob and olive trees is the perfect retreat wrapped in nature. With plenty of communal shared spaces to enjoy in the shade or soak up the rays around the swimming pool. Rooms are comfortable with great mattresses ensuring deep rest. Guests often feel so comfortable, they don't want to leave, they'd like to stay forever. That's how we also feel and we hope you'll feel at home too!

Casa del Karma - Ibiza
Your Hosts

Saskia & Dani

Saskia has been studying, teaching yoga, movement and therapeutics to a wide range of students from around the world for 13 years. She has hosted dozens of retreats worldwide and has an infectious passion for embodiment and health. Her unceasing fascination by the correlation between it all, especially between thoughts, emotions and movement, together with her innate ability to communicate make her classes an experience to be felt on all levels. Expect a different kind of journey through your body.

Dani adores nature, hiking and cinematography. His passion for life is reflected in his contagious laughter and love poured into creating truly sumptuous and healthy food. Living four years at a retreat center in Formentera totally transformed his life and his commitment to a healthy life, dreams, purpose and consciousness is unwavering.

We share a love for sunrises, sunsets, our cat and dogs, learning, practicing and sharing how to better look after ourselves. We're excited to share this time with you in our special place, on our magical island. Our wish is that you return home feeling deeply rested, reconnected and renewed, shining from the inside out and inspired to continue your practices and looking after yourself.

Join us?

Pricing & Booking

Prices from 1.125€

* For a shared room
* Possibility to book your own private room for an extra 450€


Your stay at Casa del Karma
All meals (except for lunch and dinner on Rest Day)
14 Bowspring Yoga practices
Morning meditations
Guided Hikes
Sauna & Ice Bath
Cooking workshop

Airport transfer from Ibiza Airport
(options: rental car, bus, taxi 40€ or a car pool with other retreat participants arriving at similar time)
Lunch & Dinner on Rest Day
Private Session


* Arrive by 5 pm Sat 16 April

* Depart after 11 am Sat 23 April

* Fly into IBIZA airport / ferry from Barcelona / Palma or Denia

* Open to ALL levels – beginners welcome

Let us know if you’re interested in hearing about future dates!


SEND AN EMAIL OR WHATSAPP or +34 634 352 983


    We’ve really enjoyed your Yoga session. The mixture of classical yoga exercises, partner exercises and meditation was a brilliant combination that all participants – regardless of the level of fitness and Yoga familiarity – have really enjoyed. One of the participants said to me that he had never before felt so relaxed and he would feel like he was walking on clouds! Thanks so much for this amazing Yoga session Saskia!

    Adidas Global Team Building Event

    Saskia'a love and belief in what she is teaching shines in all her classes. With her guidance and compassion you can breathe your way through the most challenging asanas. Her honesty of all life's challenges and grounded approach to working through them, both mental and physical, are an inspiration to me, and whilst living in the present, I will be counting the days to her return to our magical island!!

    Jackie FarinaMallorca

    We were so excited but I don't think any of us expected just how perfectly blissful it was going to be.You managed to negotiate the logistics of such a diverse bunch of people coming from all over to this retreat all for very different reasons without missing a beat. The yoga on the pool deck was wonderful, the food fresh and delicious. We loved our free time to explore the island and in fact the only change I would make in future is to come a day earlier and stay a day later to truly experience its magic. I love that you are fantastically human and life's pleasures are not only allowed but to be enjoyed! We are all constantly trying so hard to find a balance in life and I think you teach that best of all.

    Toni SavageMallorca

    The most amazing experience of my life. Bar my son. Saskia you are truly awesome! I cannot put into words how I feel as a result of my 5 days with you. All I can say... - is that I love you! Especially for enlightening me in a way I didn't believe possible, yet I achieved it. Your retreat is second to none. You have given me peace, I felt I was there already but I was wrong until today. Your god given gift is your vocation.

    Barbara HodgeMallorca

    If I could, I would come back immediately. You impressed me by your large knowledge about different yoga styles and techniques. The most impressive was probably the pranayama we did in the morning session. You prepared every lesson so well for us and were so consistent and conceptional. The days were perfectly framed. Thank you very much for sharing your food knowledge with us. I appreciated also the noble silence in the mornings and the peace it brought.

    Franziska BoshardSwitzerland

    As a class instructor, Saskia manages to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive, blending focused instruction with laughter and sillyness. She is consistent while still allowing for flexibility to adapt to any specific needs that arise in a given class, and she has a clear depth of knowledge of the practice. She always seems to know when to cue additional reminders, and how to maintain a positive energy throughout the class. Her authenticity, love of the practice, and desire to help others along on their own personal improvement journey are obvious to all who are lucky enough to experience one of her classes.

    Cori McDermott Colorado USA

    I had the honor and privilege of being the recipient of Saskia's teaching of the Bowspring and Saskia's magical touch with her massages. I miss Saskia's always gentle alignment reminders and adjustments. I always felt safe that I wasn't going to tweak my body in way that would cause pain later. When I got my first fascia massage from Saskia, I had been experiencing knee pain on and off for a year or so but after her massage the pain was gone! Anyone experiencing Saskia's teaching or touch will be forever changed.

    Julia GibsonColorado USA

    Saskia is a fantastic teacher of the incredible Bowspring method. I was recently able to benefit from a whole week's retreat with Saskia during which we practiced Bowspring and meditation. This retreat really provided me with the chance to nourish body, mind and soul and brought me a great amount of physical healing and a vast amount of peace to me. I could practically feel my body rearranging itself in response to Saskia's teachings and manipulations of my body! The benefits were immediate and so far are lasting, which is a spectacular success! I came to the retreat with a bad hip (I didn't and do not expect this to be healed!) and a stiff lower back, a head full of worries and a lot of fear of not being able to practice Bowspring to its fullest - Saskia showed me ways of doing this and I got everything out of the retreat that I had hoped for or could have wished for.

    Saskia has a huge amount of wisdom, knowledge and insight and teaches and shares this with profound compassion, sensitivity, love, care and enormous passion. I was and still am a beginner but I can already feel how this method and Saskia's teaching are transformational. I have a lot more mobility in my hip and less pain, my back feels less seized-up and all my other little aches and pains (shoulders, neck, the usual) were gone. I also noticed this when practicing my other sports, mainly road-cycling and swimming upon my return home. Prior to this wonderful, refreshing and mind-opening retreat I had the privilege to have Saskia teach me the basics online via Skype for 10 sessions. I could already then not believe how insightful Saskia is and how observant and analytical of posture and movement, even remotely! This encouraged me to do the retreat and my mind was then fully blown! I treated myself to an individual session with Saskia addressing my specific difficulties and pains and she also gave me a massage and moulding/manipulation, which was amazing too.

    Throughout the event Saskia teaches a wonderful and liberating philosophy with thoughts that help free the mind and heart and teaches participants to assume responsibility for their lives, thoughts, bodies and minds. Her teaching, both physical and mental, is empowering, liberating, compassionate and her words are beautiful and come from the (radiant) heart. She lives what she preaches and that is evident in every moment, as she practically glows with beauty, inspiration, wisdom, passion and strength. It was a privilege to be there with her for the week and if I can repeat this wonderful experience, I will do my very best to do so!

    The organisation of the event was faultless. The setup is fabulous, the location splendid, beautiful and peaceful, the food wonderful - nourishing, plentiful, wholesome and cleansing (thanks Devii!). The talks (formal and informal) were enlightening and Saskia's patience has no equal! The passion, joy, belief and love Saskia brings to her teaching, the Bowspring method and the associated therapeutic belief system are inspiring. I had an amazing time at the retreat, I learnt lots and came back full of motivation and inspiration, new-found flexibility and in general the aspiration to be a better person for myself and everyone around me.

    Thank-you, Saskia, keep on shining the light for us all!

    Martine KeyteUK

    My first yoga class ever was with you and my first series of classes afterwards. After every class I felt stronger, calmer, had more balance in life and not simply physical ability. Even as an athlete, I found a new appreciation for movement and have continued my practice ever since.

    Stefan GrecuCanada

    I feel very lucky that I got the chance to work with Saskia and I have made improvements in my flexibility that I didn't think were possible. I believe that one of the reasons I can train so hard and remain injury free is down to the regular yoga practice I have been doing with Saskia.

    Rob MartinOwner/Head Coach CrossFit Mallorca, 2012 Spanish CrossFit Champion