What is Bowspring?


A holistic practice to:

  • Increase self-awareness of your postural patterns and psycho-emotional patterns
  • Increase mental focus, concentration, and self-control
  • Increase compassion, self-acceptance and patience for your process of awakening
  • Decrease in chronic pain
  • Increase sense of lightness
  • Increase feeling of strength
  • Access a tapered waistline
  • Increase nimbleness and fluidity
  • Increase tactile sensitivity

Bowspring is a powerful postural method developed by creators Desi Springer & John Friend in Colorado, USA in 2012. The method is a result of Springer’s intuition for primal movement and Friend’s genius and knowledge of science and anatomy. Integrating Eastern and Western philosophies, mindful movement through tensegrity, breathwork, quantum physics and sacred geometry, Bowspring offers a way to return the spine to it’s natural double S shape and the body a way to remember primal balanced movements relieving chronic aches and pains. Movement as therapeutic medicine, Bowspring has been dubbed ‘Yoga of the Future’.

bowspring practice session

A regular Bowspring Yoga practice reprograms unbalanced and unconscious movement patterns resulting in a uniform tone of the connective tissue / fascial matrix. The result is healthy movement, a sense of agility, lightness and ease where no one muscle or muscle group is dominating but rather through balanced toned fascia, the system works as a whole in harmony. A regular practice encourages new mind to body pathways as parts of the body that were dormant, awaken, so do neurotransmitters creating a sense of embodied presence, present in the tissues of the body. The Bowspring is the most effective method Saskia has come across for therapeutics, enhancing athletics and mindfulness.

“Saskia was one of the world’s first Global Bowspring Certified Teachers with nearly 400 hrs of direct training with the founders of the method. In order to certifying in the method, Saskia followed an intense period of physical, mental and emotional re-calibration. She is excited to share her deeply healing and transformational journey with you.”

what is bowspring pose

Learn a new way of being in your body.