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I’m eternally grateful to my students, they are my greatest teachers. It is through their trust and presence that I continue to learn and grow. Each interaction with a student is an opportunity for mutual growth and transformation. Their openness, dedication, and willingness to explore new possibilities inspire me to deepen my own understanding and continue to share with others. My students challenge me to be the best teacher I can be, and for that, I am forever thankful. Together, we create a vibrant community of learning and support, where we can all thrive and evolve on our respective paths.

"We’ve really enjoyed your Yoga session. The mixture of classical yoga exercises, partner exercises and meditation was a brilliant combination that all participants – regardless of the level of fitness and Yoga familiarity – have really enjoyed. One of the participants said to me that he had never before felt so relaxed and he would feel like he was walking on clouds! Thanks so much for this amazing Yoga session Saskia!"

Adidas - Global Team Building Event

“I'm so enjoying my membership. I feel so much more integrity throughout my body. I got frozen around my baby and I'm feeling more fluid in my day-to-day movements now that I'm practicing. It's so much more interesting than the mainstream postpartum offerings. Thank you for your work!”

Molly CarpenterColorado, United States

“The glute session was nearly killing me in a good way, I can still feel it (5 days later)! You pushed me to the edges. I really properly felt my glutes!! I finally understood that the standing leg has to work evenly when the lifting leg is working, this makes a huge difference for the glutes on both sides. Feeling this diagonal into the sacrum and now I’m working myself on tapering the spine, and this together helps me for all the other things you pointed out. I’m very curious and happy to keep exploring.”

Randi RandolfAnatomy & Dance teacher, 
Linz University, Austria

"After yesterday's session, I can feel every cell of my body today. I repeated the exercises and it felt very very good. I also realised I have a lot of tension in my lower belly that I never noticed before. I did the breathing exercise again, I usually have a lot of resistance with breathwork but with your voice it felt really good and powerful and releasing at the same time. Thank you."

- Barbara NeubauerAustria

"Saskia is very down to earth, she has a massive heart, explorative mind and a wisdom that naturally shines out from her. All of these qualities are in her classes, and it brings a sense of home, because you can easily connect to her and what she is saying. Saskia is also very caring in her classes, she keeps things light, always has a smile on her face and a great sense of humour. She is supportive, fun, but at the same time very vigilant, she has the eye of an eagle, even a little finger won’t be left out of alignment. Her online classes always flow, and have a great energy, and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, she transmits this and it is received. She takes the time to study and evaluate her students and helps them to work on the areas that need the most work."

Carla BenedictBowspring Teacher, Marbella, Spain

"As a beginner, Saskia has been the most amazing teacher and mentor. She brings joy to the practice, and such deep knowledge of the body, mind and soul. As a result, my posture has improved, and my body mechanics enhanced. I also noticed that my body has become more sculpted."

Yona BackerNew York, United States

"I was recently able to benefit from a whole week's retreat with Saskia. This retreat provided me with the chance to nourish body, mind and soul and brought me a great amount of physical healing and a vast amount of peace. I could practically feel my body rearranging itself in response to Saskia's teachings and manipulations of my body! The benefits were immediate and so far are lasting. I came with a bad hip (I had corrective surgery which went terribly wrong) and a stiff lower back, a head full of worries and a lot of fear of not being able to practice - Saskia showed me ways of doing this and I got everything out of the retreat that I had hoped for.

Saskia has a huge amount of wisdom, knowledge and insight and teaches and shares this with profound compassion, sensitivity, love, care and enormous passion. I'm a beginner but I can already feel how this method and Saskia's teaching are transformational. I have a lot more mobility in my hip and less pain, my back feels less seized-up and all my other little aches and pains (shoulders, neck, the usual) were gone. I also noticed this when practicing my other sports, mainly road-cycling and swimming upon my return home. Prior to this retreat I had the privilege to have Saskia teach me the basics online for 10 sessions. I could not believe how insightful Saskia is and how observant and analytical of posture and movement, even remotely! This encouraged me to do the retreat and my mind was then fully blown! I treated myself to an individual session with Saskia addressing my specific difficulties and pains and she also gave me a massage and moulding, which was amazing.

Saskia's teaching, both physical and mental, is empowering, liberating, compassionate and her words are beautiful and come from the heart. She lives what she preaches and that is evident in every moment. It was a privilege to be there with her for the week and I'd love to repeat this wonderful experience!

I came back full of motivation and inspiration, new-found flexibility and in general the aspiration to be a better person for myself and everyone around me."

Martine KeyteUnited Kingdom

"I had the honor of being the recipient of Saskia's teaching and her magical touch. I always felt safe that I wasn't going to tweak my body in way that would cause pain later. When I got my first fascia massage from Saskia, I had been experiencing knee pain on and off for a year but after her massage the pain was gone! Anyone experiencing Saskia's teaching or touch will be forever changed."

Julia GibsonColorado, United States

"If you are considering private instruction, I cannot recommend Saskia highly enough - as a new practitioner with physical injuries - she took the time to understand my current state and limitations, and helped me with a tailored approach that allowed me to begin the practice without causing injury. She always seems to know how to explain both the poses and the underlying principles to help me really "feel" when I was properly aligned and when I was not, when to push a little harder, and when to soften! During private lessons, you really get a chance to discover the depth of her knowledge of the practice as well as how she has integrated her vast experience with breathing techniques, massage, and other meditative practices into a well-rounded instructional offering. Be careful though - her enthusiasm is infectious! 😉

As a class instructor, Saskia manages to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive, blending focused instruction with laughter and silliness. She is consistent while still allowing for flexibility to adapt to any specific needs that arise in a given class, and she has a clear depth of knowledge of the practice. She always seems to know when to cue additional reminders, and how to maintain a positive energy throughout the class. Her authenticity, love of the practice, and desire to help others along on their own personal improvement journey are obvious to all who are lucky enough to experience one of her classes."

Cori McDermottColorado, United States

"If I could, I would come back immediately. You impressed me by your large knowledge about different yoga styles and techniques. The most impressive was probably the pranayama we did in the morning session. You prepared every lesson so well for us and were so consistent and conceptional. The days were perfectly framed. Thank you very much for sharing your food knowledge with us. I appreciated also the noble silence in the mornings and the peace it brought."

Franziska BoshardSwitzerland

"The most amazing experience of my life. Bar my son. Saskia you are truly awesome! I cannot put into words how I feel as a result of my 5 days with you. All I can say... is that I love you! Especially for enlightening me in a way I didn't believe possible, yet I achieved it. Your retreat is second to none. You have given me peace, I felt I was there already but I was wrong until today. Your god given gift is your vocation."

Barbara HodgeMallorca

"We were so excited but I don't think any of us expected just how perfectly blissful it was going to be.You managed to negotiate the logistics of such a diverse bunch of people coming from all over to this retreat all for very different reasons without missing a beat. The yoga on the pool deck was wonderful, the food fresh and delicious. We loved our free time to explore the island and in fact the only change I would make in future is to come a day earlier and stay a day later to truly experience its magic. I love that you are fantastically human and life's pleasures are not only allowed but to be enjoyed! We are all constantly trying so hard to find a balance in life and I think you teach that best of all."

Toni SavageMallorca

"My first yoga class ever was with you and my first series of classes afterwards. After every class I felt stronger, calmer, had more balance in life and not simply physical ability. Even as an athlete, I found a new appreciation for movement and have continued my practice ever since."

Stefan GrecuCanada

"I feel very lucky that I got the chance to work with Saskia and I have made improvements in my flexibility that I didn't think were possible. I believe that one of the reasons I can train so hard and remain injury free is down to the regular yoga practice I have been doing with Saskia."

Rob MartinOwner/Head Coach CrossFit Mallorca, 2012 Spanish CrossFit Champion

"I have been going to Saskia for private practice for 1 year and I find myself constantly inspired by her teachings. Saskia combines body and mind beautifully, adapting practice to ones needs and always brings positive energy to share with her students. Saskia continuously opens the doors for learning and improvement practice and understanding, and I feel my own practice has grown a great deal in light of this."

Laura CubieYoga teacher, Mallorca

"Thank you so much for all the help you've given me over the last weeks to overcome migraine and sleep problems. You're yoga therapy is fantastic, I am already seeing results! The integration of all your learning has combined to create a very special and unique form of treatment. Having searched for over 25 years for help to overcome migraine I can only express my deepest gratitude to you. What's more, you are a gorgeous, warmhearted and powerful young woman with so much to share."

Lynne CharltonPsychotherapist, Cardiff

"Saskia's love and belief in what she is teaching shines in all her classes. With her guidance and compassion you can breathe your way through the most challenging asanas. Her honesty of all life's challenges and grounded approach to working through them, both mental and physical, are an inspiration to me, and whilst living in the present, I will be counting the days to her return to our magical island!!"

Jackie FarinaMallorca