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Saskia blends over 13 years of study in yoga, bowspring, massage and meditation with the latest findings in fascia (connective tissue) and tensegrity. ‘ReAline’ returns spinal and postural patterns to more natural movements, resulting in painfree, joyful embodiment, increasing physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Ibiza Retreats

Saskia has hosted dozens of transformational retreats in Morocco, Europe, South America and South East Asia. She is currently hosting retreats at Casa del Karma, Ibiza. Check out what people have to say about previous retreats under testimonials.

Online Tutoring

You’ll see true value in one-to-one sessions with Saskia. Teaching online since 2012 means that her eye is highly trained to work on camera. Saskia will travel virtually to meet you in the convenience of your home and dedicate her full attention to you. These sessions have proven popular with clients staying on for years, feeling benefits in every single session.

What They’re Saying

“Working with Saskia I consider a blessing, she creates a safe, joyful space full of trust and her amazing ability to teach means I get a whole hour one-on-one session.”

Louise Dudley, Skype Client & Retreat Alumni

“Saskia has a huge amount of wisdom, knowledge and insight and teaches and shares this with profound compassion, sensitivity, love, care and enormous passion. I was and still am a beginner but I can already feel how this method and Saskia's teaching are transformational.”

Martina Keyte, Skype Client & Retreat Alumni

“Saskia is an open minded, humble human being. She is a good friend who happens to be a superb Bowspring guide. We have spent almost 70 sessions together and I am grateful for her unending cues to keep me on track the Bowspring way. Many thanks Saskia. You are the best!”

Pamela Antoine, Skype Client

The transformation of the world is brought about by the transformation of oneself.

— Jiddu Krishnamurti