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As the word indicates, is not an ideal situation, physically, mentally or emotionally.

There would be no human experience without the body that supports it. This body has 360 joints. Each of them has a range of motion, what a perfect number of joints offering this 360 degree experience. The range of motion of each joint is informed by the muscles, ligaments and fascia that hold its structure together.

Modern lifestyle has us living in a constant state of static hyperextension (think: for a large majority: sitting on our tailbones tucked under the weight of our torsos for hours on end) followed by strengthening those unbalanced movement patterns. Right now, for example, how are you sitting? Are your joints in optimal alignment? Is your pelvic floor open or closed? Are your legs crossed causing imbalances in your hips? Are your ankles and knees bent or hyperextended? What does that even mean and what are the consequences of these actions you perform constantly, aware or not? What do they do for your human experience and how does that add to the whole?

It’s no wonder that most people need an army of therapists around them to assist with these painful and injury prone power struggles we have created for ourselves completely obliviously. It is true for the majority of the global population, that certain muscle groups are stronger than others, for example, most have stronger quads than hamstrings, stronger biceps than triceps, stronger traps than lats. This means that the structure is not being supported by a balanced and uniformly toned body and that over time, especially after repetitive movements, the result will be discomfort, followed by pain and finally injury occurs. Some of our muscle groups have become dormant, like the glutes for example (the strongest muscle in our body) they have gone to sleep due to not being utilised and other muscles have taken on the slack and are therefore are overactive (hip flexors in most cases, hamstrings and QLs).

It is no wonder that we live in a constant state of power struggles and it’s fascinating to me that are creating these unconsciously within our own bodies.

Many bodies are functioning in hyperextension as their normal neutral. These bodies train, strengthen and reinforce their hyperextensions making this unbalanced neutral feel normal.

That’s the bad news.

Now the great news is that we have a solution. But it’s not easy and it’s not fast. There is tremendous benefits to training the tissues and muscles that support the joints range of motion to be healthy, happy and harmonious.

Take an elbow or a knee for example; these joints are designed to work like shock absorbers. Yet for a large portion of people I work with, elbows and knees lock into position rather than having a springy effect. This has a knock on effect for the entire body and can be remedied through a dedication to reprogramming ones movement patterns, cultivating mindful awareness, balanced actions and sustainable movement practices.

The human body was not designed to need a team of osteopaths, chiropractors and therapists to get out of pain.

The body is perfectly designed by nature to function pain and injury free – if we allow it and invite it in. It’s time to get off our butts and do something about it.

If you’d like to understand how to train your fascia suit to hold the main joints of your body in optimal positioning, get in touch – Bowspring is the perfect antidote & I’ve trained hundreds (if not thousands) to move themselves out of painful movement habits and towards tensegrity.

Bowspring with me and feel the Springs of your joints, the support and propulsion of your back body, lightness, ease, agility and a spring in your step.

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